Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Leaving New York

New York was great. We loved it, though I can't say we did anything that anyone would could consider outstanding. Like I said the other day, it is low key and we just wondered around. Actually we did our normal walk from whatever hotel we stay in, and trek down to Battery Park.

We boarded the West Village and cut through Soho and Tribeca before making it to the WTC area. While we did circle around it to the battery, we knew we'd stop up on the way back uptown.

It was a cool and grey day, but good for walking long distances. ...and no rain.

Battery Park has come such a long way in the last decade. When I worked down there umpteen billion years ago, it was a ghost town after the market closed and all the lawyers went home. Now there are tons of places to live, eat and even some movies theaters. Not the Battery Park I knew.

Here is where I worked oh so long ago: One Wall Street.

What a great address, huh? The firm I worked for has moved twice since. I would sit daily with co-workers/friends eating in the shadow of the WTC.

That all being said, 7 WTC is completed and partially occupied. The rest of the site is at is has kind of been since 2003-4 - a construction one. It is no longer quite the hallowed grounds it was after the attack.

WTC 7 is the glass building on the right. The Freedom Tower is the one in the middle. We suspect it is about only one-third of where it will end up. For those interested, there is a website dedicated to progress of the construction.

Though it is in this picture, you can't actually see where the water feature / reflecting pools will be. I think it will be a great finished product............some day.

Actually, as I saw thousands of workers traipsing to and from lunch, passing over the sight on a walkway, I did wonder, aloud, how often they think about where they are.....really are. Not just headed to the office or Blimpies.

Yeah, there are tourists who come to see, but the number of construction workers and Financial Trade Center workers easily outnumber those who arrive with cameras.

For another view of Battery Park, one not steeped in morbidity, you can do it like I did - from the upside down version.

Denton wouldn't play and look at lower Manhattan from Blobby's perspective. So be it. It was fun seeing a sky of green and floor of blue.

Song by: R.E.M


AJohnP said...

HA! Great picture. I need to go back and visit NYC. It's been over a year...unacceptable.

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