Friday, November 12, 2010

Working for the Man

I've had better trips. I've had better days.

Eh - whatta gonna do?

Let's just say, I'm not horribly thrilled so far with the United - Continental's merger. How is it possible that in a three week time, Continentals excellent customer service has completely fallen in line with United's shitty 'we don't care about you' mentality?

If the rest of their integration went this quickly, they'd be the gold standard - I suppose. I love coming up to the gate at ORD and the agent telling me, not once, not twice, not even three times - "I can't help you". ...and this was all before she knew what I wanted, or if I wanted anything.


Don't think I didn't get her name. And don't think I won't write to someone complaining of her abilities, or lack thereof. Of course what she meant to say was, "I won't help you."

...and no longer using the Embrair jets - one of my favourites? This trip? - prop planes! PROP planes. What am I - Indiana Jones? This is the 21st century (it's gonna be much better for a girl like me), get with the program.

The meetings were long and overall meaning less other than for the purposes of team building. No free time. None. I finally skipped the last night's dinner with a few other people and we snuck out somewhere to eat - clearly we can't expense it, but it was totally worth it.

Let's see -what else.....oh yeah, you heard about the box cutter, but the fingers are healing nicely - thank you for axing. I guess it wasn't as deep as I thought (neither am I) and I have magical healing powers.

Oh, and the first night I woke up around 03:00 to a horrible horrible smell. I followed it into the bathroom (don't get to excited Torn and Mort) - there was no water in the toilet and all you could smell was sewer gas. ICK!

A few flushes later and I had water, and now smell but what the hell??? I mean, the room still stank, but it eventually dissipated.

I'm writing this the night before publishing. Actually, I'm writing it at ORD while await my flight. I cannot wait to get home. One more day in the office and then a week off. Vacation!

I'm sure I'll have to work. Those bad days I mentioned? Client related and no one can really deal with some of the stuff. But for an hour a day, I can deal with it. I think. I hope.

Song by: Roy Oribson


Cubby said...

There's a good side to this story -- at least you didn't have to fly through Midway.

Birdie said...

Corporate functions seemed designed to exhaust. They feel they only get their money's worth if they wring every minute of your time out of you. I have to create down time at every multi-day function I attend. Shoot, I do it daily at home.

Glad to hear your fingers are healing. :)

tornwordo said...

So glad I don't have to do business trips anymore. And you should be able to be unreachable during your vacation. Amerika has you brainwashed into thinking you can't.