Thursday, November 04, 2010

Show and Tell big day out is over.

Well, it was over at 12 noon yesterday. Kind of. I'll back up.

My big-ass presentation was yesterday, a four hour one. But it was the day before that was killing me. The week of prep time (that's all I was given) was totally consuming. The crafting, the editing, the last minute tweaks. ...and I do mean last minute.

Kinko's needed the presentation sent to them by 19:00, so they could print and bind it by 06:00 the next day. After I hit 'send', we used my electronic copy to do walk throughs, assign talking points and then practice. "We" would be the team I assembled. Subject Matter Experts, all.

I left the hotel at 22:30 where all were staying and drove 45 minutes home. In retrospect, I should have stayed at the hotel, but I didn't bring my suit. Because if you hadn't figured it out, someone had to go to Kinko's and pick up the bound presentation at 06:00. $1,796.00, thank you! Blech.

Oh, and it was 24 degrees out at 05:20 when I left home. And no, it wasn't a gym morning. Just a 45 minute drive back. At 06:15, I was at the hotel having a cup of coffee.....something I never do. I don't do coffee (unless it's ice cream), I rarely do caffeine. But I was operating on about 4.5 hrs of sleep and needed some stimulant and no one had any blow!

Overall, the presentation went fine. A few hiccups - one presenter SUCKED and he was our only third-party vendor. Some of the people we presented to just liked to gripe, so you have to navigate that.

Four hours to the minute we took. We could have gone longer. While some had immediate flights out, I took the rest of my team to lunch.

Did we get the contract? I don't know yet. I'm not sure when I'll know.

But today, I'm doing a round trip trek to West Virginia.

I SO cannot wait for vacation in one and a half weeks!

Song by: Marti Jones


Morty said...

I wish you could relax and breathe for a day or two, rather than run off to the self-proclaimed wild and wonderful state.

What's the vacation plan?!

tornwordo said...

That's one pricey presentation. If I never have to sit through a 4 hour presentation again, it will be too soon lol.

Cubby said...

I kept waiting for you to say Kinko's screwed it up. I'm glad it all went well. Now how many weeks (months?) until you know if you got the contract?

anne marie in philly said... watch out for the banjo players in the WV woods!

Ur-spo said...

I can not imagine doing what you do, so I am impressed. I hope your upcoming holiday is a good one; it sounds well deserved !