Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mr. November

Can you believe it is the last day of the 11th month of the year? Oh where does the time go?

It's been a great Fall and technically I know we're not into Winter, but December seems like Winter - even if it is just December 1st.

This pic was taken at the beginning of the month. Still November, just not now in November. The leaves are gone finally. I expected them to be off their branches much earlier this year, considering we had an incredibly hot and dry summer.

But no, the maple leaves stuck around until they absolutely had to go. They're off the trees and raked up, but not gone. Our last pile sits on the tree lawn waiting for the city to scoop them up.

My sister was right over Tgiving though, the Winter shouldn't seem so long this year. So often we get snow in late October and we really have had nothing here. Yeah, my cousin saw a few inches (must not say anything.........must not say anything..........must not say anything) and yes, we had some non-sticking flurries over the weekend, but I can't say we really have had snow. ....so that right there cuts off at least a month of Winter, right?

And Cyber Monday is over. The heavily marketed, yet incorrectly identified, biggest on-line shopping day of the year has come and gone without me ordering or buying anything for the holidays. That being said - I have a few gifts for farther away nieces and nephews already taken care of, but that's about it.

Tomorrow starts what I consider Winter, even if the sun king does not. We close in on the end of 2010. I'm ready for November to be over. It certainly had a huge milestone for Denton and myself, but it seems to have gone on forever.

I'm ready to keep moving.

Song by: the National


tornwordo said...

Winter isn't for three more weeks! That said, we've had snow on the ground for three days now. The coming rain should take care of that.

Cubby said...

I tried to do a little shopping last night, but was disappointed in the absence of great deals. All I found were normal, regular sales and discounts. Nothing spectacular for the famous "Cyber Monday". Like you, I ended up not buying anything.

Birdie said...

I admire your self-restraint, and not just about shopping, in this case. I haven't bought anything for anyone yet, but this year is only for the kids in the family. We adults decided last year to give to charities in the name of all the adults in the family. I really like doing that.

Ur-spo said...

it sure feels like winter here viz. it is near freezing !
I think of winter starting December 1 too.

cb said...

dude, winter started for us in October. :-(