Friday, November 05, 2010

Some Bridges

Yesterday I was in West Virginia. Yeeehaw.

I say "yeehaw" like it's a southern thing. Yes, in some ways WV is the south, as it is defined that way because of where it sits in the Mason-Dixon line. But WV came into being when it broke away from Virginia during the Civil War. So they're not quite North, not quite South.

The car trip back and forth was twice as long as the actual meeting. Not unexpected.

I would like to say my travel is over, but sadly it is not. One week in Chicago starting next Monday.

The trip today was grim...weathewise, that is. Fall is falling, and Winter is upon us. It was grey as grey can be (yes, say like Ed Grimley) and while it spit rain most of the time, the last half-hour of my ride was downright icky.

In a matter of minutes, the skies went from grey to black....and not because of that pesky sun setting. Spitting turned to rain, rain turned to hail. Temps in the mid 50s went to low 40s in less than two minutes. It's true - I watched it on my big thermometer, the one that has four wheels and satellite radio.

Tonight we are scheduled to have a snow-rain mix. Allegedly no accumulation. But winter-like weather is here, even if "Winter" isn't here for another month and a half.

I'm bummed.

Song by: Jackson Browne


Birdie said...

It's official: I no longer like cold weather.

When I moved north 30 years ago, I owned a coat for the first time. I loved the fall, and winter was okay as long as there was snow to admire. And snow skiing was an absolute blast. That was then; this is now. And I want sun and heat for the rest of my life.

Cubby said...

We had a little hail here in Dayton yesterday too. I missed it.

I looked at the skies yesterday and immediately "Cold November Rain" started playing in my head.