Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Smells Like Queer

If nothing else, my friend Tom G always provides me with at least one funny post per year. Maybe two.

The thing is - he's funnier than any of my friends, who are pretty hilarious in their own right. Sorry other friends, you know Tom and you know it's true. It is a standard we try to live up to, but fail at miserably.

Take the other day. He sent me this picture - an ad for the North Coast "Men's" Chorus.

There's Something About Merry???


Or that you can get their cd (man, that's almost like saying Lp anymore, isn't it?) 'Swingle Bells'. Ugghhhhhhh!

I had a crude, insensitive response, naturally. I believe it went something like: it is no wonder there are so many gay teen suicides.

Yes, yes, I know - embrace who you are and all, but this all seems so stereotypical and somewhat degrading. I wouldn't have committed suicide, because I would have probably died from embarrassment if I had to perform in a get-up like this.

"Men's" Chorus. Do they think they are fooling anyone by not calling it a Gay Chorus? Are they tricking anyone to come in off the street thinking they're going to hear a bunch of truck-driving, iron working men sing songs about gals? Probably not with Fruity McElf on the posters.

Of course, Tom knew what my reaction would be. That comes with being friends for almost two decades. He was pokin' at me to say something nasty - and I did.

But not to worry. The holidays are coming up and I'll just call him when he's not home and somehow play Paul McCartney's 'simply having a wonderful xmas time' on his answering machine. That should make him crawl out of his skin.

Song by: Pansy Division


Cubby said...

Your big gay heart just shrunk two sizes.

Birdie said...

Show him this:

Bert Parks sings "Let 'Em In."

AJohnP said...

Yikes. That's just so wrong.

Dith said...

Hahahahahahaaaa. That Tom G is priceless. So are you. I hate that you put that damn Paul Mc song in my head.

A Lewis said...

Why yes....yes there is.....something about Her! Looks just like me when I was in the closet back in Idaho during my earlier years. No one would have known.

A Lewis said...

SIDE NOTE: BTW, not sure if anyone else has mentioned it or not, but I've begun to receive two of every single one of your posts in my Google Reader. Duplicates each time. Weird.

tornwordo said...

Lewis, if you have a "blogs I follow" list, you might have dupes because of that. I deleted my "follow" list and everything's fine now.

Hate the Paul song and I thing fruity queeny things like this are cute. So there.