Monday, November 22, 2010

Site of the Month

Which one of us, who uses a device to text/SMS, that has an auto-correct function has not cursed it as we end up hitting 'send' before noticing the change to our own verbiage?

Sometimes it goes to the recipient and it is funny. Sometimes it is just confusing.

I have typed 'go for' in the past, and my iPhone just geeks-out as big as I do and it comes across as 'Gondor'.

And which one of us hasn't cursed at our smartphone or done the SMS follow-up with the phrase, 'Damn You Auto-Correct!!!!'.

Yeah, that's right - I'm talkin' to you. ....and to me too. Happens all the time.

Now you can go to the above hyper-linked website to see submissions like this one (not mine):

As with most things internets related, some entries are funny, some only so-so. You have to weed through them to get some good ones. Some are clearly not auto-corrected, just massive typos....since some of the things are not words at all. You can't auto-correct a word with a non-word.

Surely, if I get a good one, I can capture the image and send it in, but I don't have one. Rebecca should - she did one the other day, but with my lost iPhone, I no longer have whatever she wrote, or tried to write.

Take a look. Don't knock yourself out or anything. It is a site with potential.


Birdie said...

I disable every auto function I can on my computer and phone. Not only do they guess the wrong word most times, sometimes they get the punctuation and grammar wrong. How bad is that?

A Lewis said...

I swear, I keep on saying to myself, "One day this is going to get me into trouble." And it probably will.