Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Handle With Care

So, as you know (probably) I'm in Chicago for work. Four fun-filled days of bonding, re-org'ing, education, indoctrination and apparently some community service.

For an hour (actually, like 39 minutes) we had assembly lines for making care packages for the troops.

I'm torn with that all. I certainly support the troops but do not support the wars. It doesn't mean the folks over there should be without toothpaste, tissues and chapstick, I guess. But we had to sit through talks of a divisional VP and some folks from the USO - everyone patting themselves on the fucking back instead of just making the g-ddamned care packages.

We did a little over 1700 in those 39 minutes. Imagine if we had the entire hour what we could have done. But it was supposedly more important to hear how great we were for doing this for the boys.........and girls.

I didn't have the glamorous job of loading the boxes or stocking anything. Noooooo.

Some poor schmuck (me) was on the team that had to break down all the boxes of stuff after the supplies were emptied. Because, what you want in your work day was to be sweaty in your dress shirt and t-shirt and then go to dinner.

Oh, and since every box had packing tape on the bottom, it was hard just to break them down without a 9/11 Box Cutter®.

The question wasn't really 'if' I'd cut myself, it was more of a 'when'.

It was about 20 minutes in. I did a nice slice across two of my knuckles.

Oddly enough, it didn't hurt. I thought I had done it, but didn't feel it. Of course a minute later I look down at a bloody hand dripping onto used cardboard. As you'd suspect, it does hurt now, but not at the moment of my Freddie Krueger knife-work.

Handle with care, indeed.

By the way, it's on my right hand, so imagine how many people have attempted (and some succeeded) in shaking my hand.

...and here you thought you'd get some canned blog post today. But hey, at least I didn't take pics of my bloody hand. Heck, you can't deal with my wart, how do you think you'd do with cuts and blood?

Song by: the Traveling Wilburys


Anonymous said...

When was the last time you had a tetanus shot? Those cutters are filthy! Even new ones - think of where those boxes have been and what's been on them! Working in retail for over 25 years, I was always up to date on my shot.

Morty said...

Thank you for sacrificing your blood, sweat, and most likely tears for our country. You didn't have to endure any Lee Greenwood, did you?!

Blobby said...

Oh yes, 'G-d Bless the USA' was played THREE times.

I wanted to shove needles in my ear drums.

...and Sean, yes, I need a tetanus shot for sure.

anne marie in philly said...

ew ew ew ew! and not for the cuts on your hand, but what you had to go through to get those cuts! I detest jingoism!

Ur-spo said...

I prefer bowing - the Japanese are sensible this way that it shows respect without having contact. Less germs, and less hand-to-hand combat this way.

david Joseph said...

Looks like rug burn...