Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wide Awake on the Voyage Home

We're home!!!!

1400 miles - round trip. Nine days away. 5 states and 1 District. One hurricane, one tropical depression. One guest house, two hotels. One losing $333M MegaMillion ticket - and one lunch with the in-laws.

It seems like a lot of activity, but really the time in OBX was really really really laid back. As you all know by my lack of bothering to change clothes, put razor to face, or soap to skin. It was all good. I didn't stink or anything.

I absolutely loved being away. I loved the beach and as always, I love DC.

But I also love being home. What can I say? I missed my own bed. I miss my girls. ...and they seemingly missed us - and they haven't given us lots of sass, though they've been a little vocal.

I missed my own gym routine too. I know - it was vacation, but I missed the pattern I've established for myself over the last six months. ....and I'm back in the swing of it today.

And while I have a pretty shitty week of work coming up - along with reacclimating to just going to work, I at least have 2-4 additional post-vacation posts....along with pictures.

Stay tuned!

Song by: Liam Finn

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