Thursday, August 27, 2009


Frankie Say!

I'm trying. I'm doing. Finally getting into the groove of time off. It always takes me a while. Though I cannot stop the twitching in my right eye. It has been going on for weeks now and I thought vacation would quell that. It hasn't - and I cannot figure what is setting it off.

It is the slowest progressing stroke. ever!

Yesterday was BEAUTIFUL. 90s. Mostly clear sky. It was a day for walking the beach (8 miles or so). Swimming in the Atlantic (three different times) - which no longer seemed nipple-popping cold - though the surf was still a bit rough. But that's ok. I like the waves. And then a nice pool swim too.

I had to resort to SPF 30 - not because I was getting burned, but because we ran out of 15 and I'm too cheap to go buy new stuff I won't use for a year.

...and speaking of plan was to go hangliding this year, but it didn't happen. Yes, part of it was because of my Scrooge-like behaviour, but what it really came down to was a three hour class before you could fly - and another hour before that of filling out paperwork. Je don't think so!

And you only got five goes at the glider and it wasn't from high up at all. If the instructor could run along side you with a tether, how high up can you be? 20 feet?

It really did come down to time. Did I want to spend 4 hours doing paperwork and homework on my vacation during peak tanning hours? I did not.

And speaking of relaxing (don't do it - when you wanna go to it!), I'm a little too relaxed in some ways. Some you don't really want to know about.

Like basic hygiene. Showers? What are those? The ocean is my bath! But the ocean does not have a razor, so I just haven't been bothering to shave. See?

I always forget how fast I can grow more than just scruff. It's only been three days since I shaved last. Three more and it's a full beard. Let's not even touch on my lack of clothes changing habits. It is safe to say I way over packed if I knew I'd be wearing so little so often. That changes tomorrow, of course.

This is me at the pool. The almost always empty pool. We really don't hang there - it's just a stopping place to dive in between the ocean and the room.

Yes, I took pictures with Denton, but they are not posted here. He is the Vera to my Norm. He is the Maris to my Niles. Yeah - they show Cheers and Fraiser a lot down here at night. But trust me when I say some of the pics came out nice.

And with the rough storms earlier in the week, stuff finally started showing up on shore - like these:

Thousands of them. Mostly about this size, but others were the size of dimes and anywhere in between.

To be honest, I didn't know what this was. As often as I've been to the shore, I have never seen one. And this wasn't what I was thinking they looked like.

These look like the bottom of a glass coke bottle - or as I like to call them: my glasses.

There are no inards. No dangling tentacles or whatever they have. None of them did.
Kids were picking them up, stacking them and not getting stung. Then they'd toss them back in the ocean. Oh well.

So today sounds like more of the same. 90s. Sand. Surf. Sun. Then we're done - here. Five days is about right. We have two more days in DC and then home.

Song by: Frankie Goes to Hollywood


Breenlantern said...

Mmmm...leg shots.

Sounds like you're a having a fantabulously relaxing vacation-go you!.

SLowest stroke ever...BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Larry Ohio said...

Are you sure that's a jellyfish? It sure looks like a breast implant to me. What else is washing up on shore?

Blobby, do you need a hygiene intervention? Let's see... you shun antiperspirant/deodorant, you've stopped shaving and showering, you're hardly changing your clothes, and you use the ocean as your bath. Did I miss anything?

I'm sorry, but I'm putting you on gay probation, and forbidding you from ever watching Straight Eye for the Queer Guy again. Please surrender your gay card to the nearest fag.

Blobby said...

Oh calm down - I showered, shaved and got new changes of clothes....sometime after i posted this. Maybe a day after.

It was kind of cool being all neanderthal-ish.

rebecca said...

Shapely calves!

Blobby said...

They are - but I work on them constantly.