Sunday, August 02, 2009

Outside Myself

The best part of this summer? Outdoor eats.

We've become regulars at a neighborhood place called the Grotto (I know - not a horribly original name).

My man-date, Scott, and I started going there after work just for drinks, but after it became nice out, Denton and I like to hit the outdoor patio to hang, eat and drink.

It's fun to watch people on the Square, going to or from the movies, or the independent coffee shoppe. That's just the gravy, as the wine list is good and the menu is a good one. I have yet to have a bad meal there.

We even have a favourite server - Angela. And she calls us her favourite customers. But you know she says that to everyone. However, even when we're not in her section, she still waits on us....and we tip her well.

They do have a few bad servers too. Douchebag Dan, for one. I always make Denton laugh when I do Johnny Depp, as Willie Wonka, talking to Mike TeeVee: "MUMBLER! Honestly, I cannot understand a word you're saying!". He's just horrible - Dan, that is.

Unfortunately, Angela was off last night and we were stuck with Dan. Oh, and we took my parents there for dinner. Even with Douchebag Dan, I think my parents had a good time and good meal. It would have been better with Angela doting all over us, but whatta gonna do?

Maybe next weekend, when Becca is in town, we can go there. I'm sure she'll be bored at her high school reunion (now that she has DIS-invited me to be her date! I know - right!?) and leave early, then we can take her for wine.

See - even when I'm dumped, I'm still a nice guy!

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A Lewis said...

We are major fans of outside eateries...and, lucky for us, POrtland is filled with them....even year round under those heaters on covered patios.