Saturday, August 22, 2009

Holiday Road

It's been a long eight months on the job, but I am so ready for a vacation. So as of this morning, we are hitting the road and heading toward the beach.

Like last year, we're heading to the Outer Banks. Not the most original thing, but it is a great place to decompress because what few things there are to do down there - we did them last year.

This year it is beach. And pool. Food. And drinks. I might have one trick up my sleeve, but that's for a later post - if I can make it happen.

And of course, all this is predicated on there being no tropical storms, depressions or hurricanes on our trip. I should have kept my mouth shut last week when I mentioned hurricane season has been unusually light. Then like that, there were three brewing at once. But it seems that Bill will skirt the southern states and hit farther north.

Yes, we're going to a location that has one causeway on and off the island. Lucky us. Hopefully we will be lucky.

As promised earlier this year, I will have a post every day. I am setting up posts that will automatically publish on the off chance that we have no internet connection to post more real time events.

If not - no worries. I'll fill you in upon my return.

We're hitting DC each way - down and back. Because nothing says summer like spending time in a big city that's built on a swamp. Seriously, I love the place and we'd move there in a heartbeat if we had jobs that allowed us to afford living in the district.

Anyway - we're off. Hasta la Vista and all that.

Song by: Lindsay Buckingham


anne marie in philly said...

freakin expensive to live in that area...not to mention having to put up with sooooo many assholes!

and swampy, soupy, traffic 24/7!

lived there from 79-99. never again.

Brettcajun said...

Where are the beach pics?!