Saturday, August 29, 2009

Broken Bicycles

Today my friend Morty is riding in a bike race. I'm not sure it's a race as much as an event. I guess it's a Bike Tour for Cancer Research. It's called Pelotonia - which is just downright hard to say, if you axe me. ...and I'm not sure it really means anything.

The 180 mile ride benefits the James Cancer Hospital at Ohio State University. The James, as we call it, was just being built when I had my cancer surgery. ..and I worked with the Oncology units before the James was built too - so I have a close association with what Morty is doing.

Oh - and I have a close association with Morty, so there's that.

So, mile 130 is dedicated to me - or so he says. I razzed him a little bit about riding for those who lost their lives to cancer. I had to mention it was about the survivors too. That's what the research is about - to make us all survivors.

But he's not dedicating mile 130 because I lived. It's because I ponied up $100 for his ride. It is so totally worth it. He's a rock star in so gathering more than $2,400 for this trek.

I'm so proud of the man, it's beyond words.

He's impressive anyways, you know with his fourteen dozen marathons and triathlons and iron mans he's participated in. But he'll always be my friend, the lovable drunk who used to live next door to me - and help save my life from that pesky ruptured appendix.

So Morty - have a great ride. Oh and do not put Ben Gay on your taint afterwards. Totally a bad move.'ve heard.

Song by: Tom Waits


Larry Ohio said...

I spit my iced tea all over my screen when I read about the Ben Gay on your taint! I'm trying hard not to think of it, but I just can't stop laughing.

rebecca said...

"the loveable drunk" -- LOLL, who's that, Andy Capp??

Very generous donation. Makes me look cheap!

Blobby said...

Any donation is not cheap.

...and yes, it is about Andy Capp. But wasn't there something in there about him being a 'wife-beating drunk'?