Thursday, August 20, 2009

What Would Brian Boitano Do?

Has Food TV lost their frickin' mind?

I'm just axing.

Brian Boitano has a cooking show? Is there now anyone who doesn't? It would seem not.

I have to say, back in the '88 (?) Olympics, whomever was broadcasting them did an 'up close & personal' segment. Bri was sitting near/at Pier 39 in San Francisco looking out over Alcatraz.

At this point, I don't remember what was truly said - or what Jon and I began ad-libbing, thus making it our own history. I am pretty sure Brian said "sometimes I look over there and just wonder what went on in there..." Again, we might have made that up. I don't think we did. I think we just burst into laughter and followed-up with "we bet you did!".

And then I think there was something about wanting to start his own restaurant and call it 'Boitanos'. Again with our laughter.

It is possible we were drinking. And of course, by possible, I mean probable. But that all being said - we never needed booze to have this kind of fun. ME-ow!

So he might not have his own eatery, but he has his own cooking show. lordy.

If nothing else, he's played off of the South Park song very well with the show title: What Would Brian Boitano Make?

I imagine using the South Park song as his theme and changing the words from "I bet he'd kick and ass or two" to something that has the word 'stew' or 'rue'.

Sure, it's kind of funny - but does Food TV's major demographic get it? I don't think they share the same audience as Comedy Central.

Je think not. Je think not.

Song by: Cartman, Stan, Kyle & Kenny


Breenlantern said...

Note to self: Do NOT inform Blobby of my upcoming cooking show "Idle Eyes and A Scored Meat"

Jonny said...

It's spelled roux. Anyway, you are absolutely correct. And by this, I mean, my memory of what he said is egg-zackly the same as yours. Oh, how we laughed. And could he be any faggier for the ads? Has he officially "come out"?

Larry Ohio said...

I predict he's going to have a hit. Isn't Food TV's major demographic folks like us (hungry, hungry homos)? I know I'd watch it if I still had cable.

Blobby, I need to tell you I'm sorry. I never should have knocked you off of your no. 1 position. The other blogger that I elevated to no. 1 clammed up as soon as I did. Obviously, when he found out he immediately entered a state of nirvana, knowing that his life had become complete.

Blobby, will you be my no. 1 again?