Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hip to be Square

G-d, what a trip we've had.....so far. It can only get better - right?

Oh wait - you would have no way of knowing. Not really. You will.

Let's just say, we opted to take Denton's freshly serviced 330xi, because he modified it to put in an iPod dock. No more having to make cds or listening to / be beholden to (groan) radio.

I do not think we made it six miles when the car died. Well, died is a strong word. We stopped for coffee and while it started, everytime you put it in 'drive' it stalled. The only saving grace is we were only six miles from home and not in the middle of Pennsylvania.

So yeah, my ire was up. Not ire exactly, just that in my mind I had a plan and schedule and it was all shot to shit. Ruckiry (not Jon's boss), I was about to jump on (gasp!) public transportation to get my car and come back to move our stuff and get him to a dealership. But the car moved and we got it home - then we switched automobiles. Still though......bother!

We got to DC in a good amount of time, but by then (hurricane) Bill had hit up north and it was torrential downpour in DC. But we made it out to eat and stuff and when we got back to our hip hip hotel (rooftop pool) I knew it would be a bad night.

Hipsters. Everywhere. And even worse - in the room next to us with the door open, so all their friends could come in for a Par-tay!

Yes, I'm an old man by this point. I traveled a lot and finally learned not to put up with this shit when I both pay a lot for my room and that I want to sleep or have to work. If these guys want a party - they can go out or rent a party facility.

Before you go thinking I'm a wet blanket, I gave them until 11:00 pm to wrap it up and go out. This was a no-go in their minds, they wanted to party in a small hotel room in their slutty dresses that were new but trying to pass them off as vintage.

I called the front desk. The thumping bass stopped.....for about 15 minutes. I decided to let it go until 12mn - because I'm such a good guy. ...and let's face it - i AM!

But when I had to open the door because two such 20-somethings were leaning/sitting against our door having a 'meaningful conversation' - as one can only have at 12:15 a.m. drunk in a hotel hall - and actually seemed stunned that it bothered me and had to ask 'oh, do you want us to move?'. It stunned them more when I told them to 'get the fuck out of the hallway - and away from my room'.

(truth be told, I thought of Becky sleeping in a hotel hallway in Dallas while waiting for Morty to return after he ditched her for a more interesting 'date'.)

One more call to the front desk who acted like this was all news to them.

The next morning, upon check-out, they knew something was up since my parking had been 'taken care of....'. Uh-huh.

The girl (yes, girl!) checking me out seemed to not care that I cancelled my upcoming reservation for later this week there. She never asked why. Another worker did - and seemed a bit concerned when I told her why, not that any of them truly made the plea to accommodate me in any way, beside $9 in parking.

Yeah, I'm a no-fun kind of guy when it comes to expensive hotel rooms - so be it.

We made it to OBX without much fan-fare. Weather is ok considering we're just post-hurricane. Oh - and there is no wi-fi and I'm not sure I can upload pictures via the hotel computer. I found out Wendy's (yes, that Wendy's!!!!) has free wi-fi, so I might have to go there to blog. LOL. Killing me.

...and do not even start me on losing the guest house's Y membership card, or Denton misplacing one of our room keys. ...and it's only day 2. We are fucked if this streak keeps up.

Song by: Huey Lewis & the News


Brettcajun said...

Okay... to fully appreciate your trip... we need to see pics so we can vicariously live in your world. When are the pics coming?

Dith said...

Apparently not unti he gets a craving for a Frosty.

Birdie said...

Someday, this will make you laugh. Someday.

word ver: unwant

tornwordo said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who's reticent about the hipster hotels. Birdie has a funny hotel story from Laguna. (search her blog for Laguna.)