Thursday, August 06, 2009

Poker Face

I'm not a Chris Daughtry fan - at least of his music. He's got a pretty good look though - for the most part. I'll admit it. Gimme a man with a shaved head and he steps to the head of the line.

I am definitely not a fan of Lady Gaga. I don't get it. I don't get her. I guess I'm gay - but not gay enough.

Of course, you're probably wondering why I know anything about her. I first came across her on Anderson Cooper/Kathy Griffin's New Year's Eve special. Whatever song she did was unmemorable. And now that I take Spin class, I'm forced to listen to "danceable" tunes that people instructors think are HI N-R-G. (fyi - if I have to pedal through Rhianna one. more. help me g-d!)

I will admit to wondering if Lady Gaga was really talking about "Poke HER Face". You know - penis-to-mouth kind of stuff. You just never know.

So, I was amused to hear about and eventually look for, Chris Daughtry doing a cover of "Poker Face".

Turns out it is not that amusing. When he gets to the chorus and sings/screams it - it is not so far-fetched to think that he couldn't have done this originally.....or anyone of his musical genre.

It just kind of proved to me that the song is banal in multiple formats.

Song by: Chris Daughtry


heat said...

I feel retarded in that I think I'm supposed to like Lady Gaga, and kind of did for the first 400 times I heard her released songs. But I also hear (seriously) that she has quite the backlash from the transgendered community as her Avante Garde wardrobe is not so original as one might think.

cb said...

I think the "poker face" thing is in reference to her hiding te face that she is hermaphroditic...


A Lewis said...

Damn it....I guess I'll never be at the front of the line....because this boy ain't gonna shave his head. Well, maybe if we drink enough wine, but that's another discussion...
As for Chris, Oh yeah....definitely.

Larry Ohio said...

I fell in love with Chris the second I saw him on American Idol.