Friday, August 28, 2009


This is a placeholder post. I totally admit it. I'm coasting - but I cannot break my one-year goal.

We're in DC for today and part of tomorrow. There isn't much we haven't seen in this city, but we can always find some museum we have yet to explore. Not that I mind revisiting the ones we have. They're always changing.

The plan is to have dinner with a friend tonite. One I have not seen in a decade and one whom I could not connect with during my two years of travel here. My fingers are crossed we pull it off, but I cannot say my hopes are high.

Saturday, afternoon we head back home but will stop to have lunch with Denton's parents. We have not seen them in forever. Well, he has. I have not.

Then it's home to the girls....and the grocery...and the laundry.

I have other pics to post, but they'll wait until my return to the comfort of my own home.

Thanks for putting up with me.

Song by: Jackson Browne

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