Sunday, August 09, 2009

Summer Evening

Last night we had plans. Nothing formalized, mind you, but in our minds we kind of had plans. Mostly a movie.


A late afternoon nap for Denton kind of blew the movie and schedule out of the water. So we just opted for dinner. Not that we had that plan. A beautiful summer evening and we had not solidified dinner plans......except for the fact we didn't want to make it ourselves.

So out we went. Place #1 and 2 had massive waits. Well, I don't wait or anyone. I'm me! So off we walked to place #3...or was it #4 - since we almost stopped our stride to look at #3 and opted not for italian fud.

We must have been 200 ft past it when something caught my ear. Some crazy lady was running and yelling - and waving something, so I assume I dropped something - not that I had anything on me to drop.

That crazy lady? My mother.

She and my father were at the italian place and saw us walk by. So, there's nothing like an octogenarian bolting from a restaurant and waving her napkin to flag down her one and only son. How she saw us in the first place is beyond me. It's not like they were sitting outside.

Oh yes, 'they'. My father was with her. She never even told him why she ran out.

But it was nice, we ended up joining them for dinner - the second Saturday in a row. I guess we could have begged off, but we like having time with them and we won't always have these opportunities.

So, the best laid plans are not always the best.

Song by: Gillian Welch


cb said...

Awww, that must have been cute! Awkward... but cute!

Larry Ohio said...

Man, I laughed out loud, and I mean LOUD! Greg's freaking out wanting to know why. Hope you had a wonderful dinner with your folks. Did Dad pick up the tab? (That's always the best part)

Blobby said...

I was too stunned to see if anyone was looking AT the crazy lady.

...and yes, Dad did pay - so that was nice, if unnecessary. But it's hard to pry the tab from his hands most of the time - even when you invite him out.