Friday, August 14, 2009

Let Me Roll It

After a few post this last week, I thought I could lighten it up a little bit - not that I regret one word of what I posted.

Fred was a great friend and I have been fortunate to have many others - real, imaginary and cyber.

The cyber ones are being added to my blogroll today. At least some of them.

I have a weird and not so weird little group I follow. Except for Kris and Becca - I know none of them. Not really. Never met. Never chatted on the phone. Some have never exchanged an email with me. Ok - actually, that last part is not true. As I re-perused my blogroll, I've exchanged emails with all of them.

I don't add just anyone. I'm quite picky selective.

The ones being added are folks who have either commented on my blog consistently or in one case, I'm a fan of his blog.

Now before anyone goes getting their panties in a wad (a phrase that Kris taught me...let's 1993?) no one is more important than the next. But let's face it, as bloggers go, Brett Cajun is kind of a rock star in the gay blogosphere. Or even just the blogosphere.

You know that Intel ad about 'our rock stars are not like your rock stars' (which totally just cracks me up). Yeah, it's like that. This is big-time.

When he commented on a piece of mine the other day, honest to g-d, I walked on air for about an hour. "Brett Cajun reads me???" Oh pass me the smelling salts!

Ok - was that a bit dramatic? A tad over the top? So be it. I stand by it.

Brett is a good blogger and he's fun and funny - and he loves his animals, and even some that are not his. That is just a sign of a good guy. Oh, he's kind of handsome too, but I swear that's not why I read him.

I axed him if I could blogroll him and he readily agreed (there's that email exchange!).

But Brett is not the only other addition. I have others who comment regularly on my blog, and I reciprocate the read - and even sometimes comment myself. So I am adding Birdie, Arnie and Larry.

And while all are hyperlinked in this entry, you'll find them on the right - in my blogroll.

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Brettcajun said...

Aww... you SWEET TALKER! Thanks for brightening my day. :) I appreciate it. I look forward to reading your blog everyday. Thanks for including pics too. You are a handsome fella! It is nice to see other bloggers who are not afraid to show themselves and share their emotions. ;) Keep up the good work.

Birdie said...

Ooh! I'm thrilled to be added to your bloglist. Thanks for the props.

I don't have a bloglist, but you would certainly be on it if I did. I work for a church, and I write as though my boss is reading. (For all I know, he is.) There are a number of blogs I read that simply can't be publicized due to some of their content. Because I can't include them and I consider them my friends, I choose not to have a list. It saddens me, but that's the way it is.

When I started this whole online thing a few years ago, I never would have guessed I'd be where I am today, with a growing network of people, many of whom I consider friends. Wonderful.

Larry Ohio said...

Thanks for the mention Blobby. We are going to meet someday, it's just a matter of time. I'm in Cleveland (Bay Village) about one weekend per month, so at some point we'll have to meet for lunch.

cb said...

OMG. Brett reads you.


What about good ol' MOI???