Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'll Follow the Sun

Yes, I'm still blogging from the guest house's "library". No, I have not needed to go to Wendy's to blog - nor have I had the need for a Frosty. I have had one in my lifetime - that was enough. Disgusting, those things are. There will never be the need for one of those - let alone a craving.

I'm not complaining - it's the beach. It's ocean. There is nothing to do. It's what vacation is supposed to be. But of course, I'm all in flux.

My schedule isn't my own. Not that I have anything to do, but everything is off. We have free access to the Y down here, and it has a lot, but it is out of concert of my routine...and they don't have the same machines, or even similar ones. What's a guy with OCD to do?

And it seems I'm becoming my paternal grandmother, where everything was about food. I've been planning my frickin' days around it. That just ain't right.

At least I stocked up on fruit so, I'm trying to be good with the best grapes I've ever had, peaches and oranges. At least I'll be able to fight off scurvy for another month.

The weather is nice. Hot, but very very hazy. Last year the water was like glass, this year the surf is a bit rough. And for all this hurricane shit due to the warm waters....the Atlantic is nipple popping cold! Headlights on at full beam. (yeah, just try to get that out of your mind for the rest of the day! I dare ya!)

Eons ago, Jon mentioned how he has to see the ocean at least once a year. That was before he moved to California and then to North Carolina. It's easier for him to see than when we lived in Columbus. But I'm finding I agree with that thought process. I need sand and surf - at least once a year. It is soooooo calming - if I could just get myself to get in synch with their step as opposed to getting everyone else into mine.

...and yes, I know you guys want pictures. Or at least Brett does.....but that's is only because he is very secretly in lust awe of me. But can I tell you how hard it is to upload pictures on this machine? Each time I do, it puts all this funky html shit into my text and it takes an additional 30 minutes to fix a post.

But here is at least one for you guys.

Look! I'm smiling. I finally found a way to smile where you don't see my squinty squinty eyes: mirrored sunglasses. They also help with looking at guys on the beach and them not 100% sure I'm looking.

I do promise more pictures in the upcoming days. I'm certainly taking them. You'll certainly see them. Or some of them.

Song by: the Beatles


Birdie said...

Look at you! I knew you could smile! So nice to see.

I know what you mean about uploading pics. Enter them in reverse order; they stack upward. You'll still have to squint to figure out where the break is in the html code.

Remember, the point of the beach is NOT to have to do anything. Do what you want. You have the beach's permission to not feel guilty about any of it.

Larry Ohio said...

Awww, nice smile Blobby. I knew you had it in you. It's sounds like your week is going better now. Enjoy the time.