Sunday, August 23, 2009

Site of the Month

I'm not sure my friend, Jon, has ever provided me material for Site of the Month.

Becca has. Morty has. Denton has. David has - multiple times. But never Jon. Not that I can think of. I could be wrong - and as I am pre-setting these up for publish and am on a deadline, I can't really go back through 1500+ posts.

Nothing says 'family fun' like game night. And nothing says 'game night' like Decalouge.

I mean - it is a family game if you're the Flanders family. But - ugh - playing the Ten Commandments?

Ok - not the movie. I love the cheesiness of the movie. But I think I've covered that. Yul Brenner. Anne Baxter. Edward G. Robinson! Not a jew amongst them, I'm betting.

So, I don't know if they are using the commandments from the Talmud or some St. James bible - or whatever those crazy catholics use.

And if it truly is a game on the ten commandments - aren't there really only TEN questions? How extensive can this game actually be?

"yes are lord, my've already said that!

It's packed with knowledge and fun - but only if you're 8 and older. Under 8 can burn in hell!

I think my favourite (potentially) are the Fate Cards. I'm sure I already know my fate - and I don't need to spend $29.95 to have it confirmed.


Jonny said...

Yay...I'm in the "club".

Victor said...

Edward G Robinson was born Emanuel Goldenberg in Romania.