Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Air That I Breathe

Cold-wise, I thought I was doing so much better the last two days. I was a little congested, but only a little and even had long periods of dryness. And nothing had turned into the heavy heavy chest that would turn into cough.

That was then. This is now.

I'm still don't really have a runny nose, but I woke up this morning gasping for breath. Somehow the manual override to switch from nose-breathing to mouth-breathing didn't automatically kick in.

So, there I lay - struggling to breathe in bed figuring this is how, one day, the end would be.

If so, at least I'll have the cats next to me making it for an easy transition to death's door. They loved having a dad awake who'd pet them in the early early morning.

It's odd, because other than that whole "breathing thing", I don't really feel bad at all. I'm a little sleep deprived and my throat is a bit dry due to having to mouth breathe, but other than that.......

I'm not sure it helped my sleep habits that I dreamed about vampires most of the night. I distinctly remember waking up at one point thinking I no longer ever had to read or see that Twilight / True Blood stuff because it all just came to me in my dreams. Then I realized they weren't actually the same thing - and still realized I didn't need to see or read either of them.

But of course, they live in coffins (ok, at least Barnabus Collins did!) and not sure how much air they need to get through the day. Just a pint of B+. Right now, that seems totally like an option!

Song by: the Hollies

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