Thursday, April 25, 2024

Tik Tok

It's 21:00 and I have nothing planned. 

Pappy Joe disappoints once again by signing that stupid fucking TIk Tok ban.  

I don't even have or use the app and I know the ban is bullshit. 

China (and the U.S.) are spying on each of us 87 different ways. .......including all the apps you already have, along with Goooooogle and the likes of which I'm typing on right here, right now. 

We've all complained about our conversations and then any one of your feeds or ads are now exactly what you were discussing. 

Yes, Tik Tok has stupid shit on it - as does X, IG, Facebook and the likes. But unlike a lot of those, Tik Tok is used as a marketing tool - sometimes the lone one - for a LOT of independent businesses. It's cheap (if not free) and lots of exposure for small business. 

Pappy Joe is trying to score points with lord knows who(m). Again, he's syphoning off zero votes from the GOP on this - or anything. 

To paraphrase Jay-Z, we got 99 problems but Tik Tok ain't one of 'em.  Education. Debt. Wars. Immigration. Voting Rights. Women's Rights. LGBTQ+ Rights. Gun Control. Insurrection,  

Should I do the entire 99 list?  Either way, Tik Tok ain't gonna be on it. 

It's a cheap political point, one Biden can't cash in......ever. 

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James Dwight Williamson said...

Not sure who you would vote for, but that’s your constitutional right, Now “get off my lawn” 😊

VoenixRising said...

Can I repost/attribute this? You summed up my thoughts better than I could do myself.