Tuesday, April 23, 2024


I am amused when people will say "happy Passover". 


I think people think it's like Easter where one gets Peeps, eggs and chocolate. Instead of plagues and bitter roots. 

I guess the only overlay in the Venn Diagram of the two observances is that the first born son is killed. If only Jebus had some lamb's blood above his door. 

If only. 

There ain't nothing 'happy' about it. 

But it seems that people don't get the movie - as cheesy as it is - the 10 Commandments. I don't truly think they associate it with Passover. 

I mean pre-cable TV, for years it was lumped into being seen once a year, the same weekend as the Wizard of Oz. All of it fantasy to most. 

I can guarantee you, 99% of the people who saw the movie had heard of "Moses" and no other character in that movie. Though you gotta laugh at Edward G. Robinson playing any role in that. 

Honestly, Jebus was a Jew and is there any mention of Passover in the New Testament?  There are people who will say that the last supper was a Seder, but..........I dunno. 

A quick Gooooooogle search will say the NT "suggests".......fill in the blank for your own cherry picking. I'm beginning to think Jebus wasn't a very observant Jew. Yeah yeah - he died on "Good Friday" before sundown, but.........that just seems convenient for storytelling. You gotta back that "three days" (really, 36 hours) from your contrived "Easter Sunday". 

Of course, it would all be contrived. 

None of it is the word of g-d. It's the word of men. And I go with the Tracy Chapman lyric on this:

There is fiction in the space between / The lines on your page of memories / Write it down but it doesn't mean / You're not just telling stories.

Song by: Joy Division

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Raybeard said...

If a random Brit is asked what 'Passover' commemorates I can say with high certainty that the vast majority wouldn't have the foggiest. (I can't recall a time when I myself DIDN'T know!). Mind you, the proportion of adults who actually are Jewish here (0.5%) is about a quarter of the USA's equivalent percentage - not that that's a valid excuse for plain ignorance. However, as to Americans, I'm sure that at least all of your own Jews themselves know - right? - though maybe not so many of the rest.