Thursday, April 18, 2024

Dark Sunglasses

While it is not difficult to do anymore (or ever), but I am so annoyed right now. 

Apparently the networks are hounding BLOTUS and Pappy Joe about the debates. While I get it, you do know that most of the states haven't even had their primaries. It's just the forgone conclusion - one in which we truly have zero say. 

While BLOTUS 2024 signs have been up since 2021 (not kidding), I'm just starting to see ones of Pappy Joe. 

They are two sided signs. 

The first side?  Fine, I guess. 

The other side?  What the actual fuck!!!

I've checked other signs, so it's not like the rain made the ink run. They're all this way.

Does Pappy Joe have conjunctivitis?  Is he in a new Predator movie? 

What kills me is this idea had to go through multiple approvals, and this was what they deemed was the best of them? 

I seriously don't know what message this is supposed to convey, and I'm guessing most voters won't either.  For an undecided voter, this sign isn't going to sway anyone to Pappy Joe's side. 

Song by: Chrissie Hynde


Old Lurker said...

Isn't the glowing eyes thing from the cryptobros? Sweet baby Jesus. Pappy Joe's campaign team is doing all it can to keep this race competitive, isn't it?

Raybeard said...

Second image could pass for a horror movie undertaker - and the first only slightly less so.

Elle Clancy said...

It's the Dark Brandon meme.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Yes it’s Dark Brandon! Adored by many

Travel said...

I would vote tomorrow,