Monday, April 08, 2024

My Music Monday

Honestly, what did you think what else today
s selection could even be? 

To be fair, I toyed with Pink Floyd's "Eclipse", but you's Bonnie Tyler and today is a "total eclipse" - at least here in Cleveland. 

As Jim Steinman goes, "Total Eclipse of the Heart" is well put together, from writing to arranging to production to vocal. 

I don't know if Steinman had other options for singers, but this wasn't one for Meat Loaf and it predated (I think) his work with Air Supply and Celine Dion. Tyler did it right. 

The original recording was seven minutes long, which is about three minutes too long for radio play back in 1983. The edited version is about four and one-half minutes. This video version adds another minute to the single version. 

And whether you like or dislike the song, I'm guessing you know it. And there is something to be said for that in terms of relevance. 

So, here's hoping today's skies are clear. Cleveland is in the path for totality, so I'm hopeful - though this day in meteorological history is 66% cloudy.  

C'mon 44%. 

For the record: this song has over one BILLION views on YouTube. 

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