Friday, April 12, 2024


The man doesn't deserve his picture up here. 

Orenthal James is dead. ...and not a minute too soon, if you ask me. 

I remember the slow car chase all those years ago. It started before I even left work, and I just sat at home, ordered a pizza and watched.  And watched. 

Ditto with the trial. 

The verdict was strange. Well, where I was. Everyone was at work and we piled into a medium sized conference room to await the jury's decision. 

Working at a large higher educational area at the time, I'd say at least one-third of those in the room were persons of colour. When the verdict was read aloud, it was the most most most uncomfortable scenario:  white people groaning; black people cheering. It was a weirdly divisive moment.  And somehow it brought us the Kardashians, so..........another tragedy on top of it all. 

Oddly, just the other day somehow in random conversation I brought up Kato - but me from the Green Hornet or Lantern or something.  710 goes, "you mean Kaelin?". I suppose everyone has their cultural references. Talk about your fame for 15 minutes. 

The group was texting yesterday (which is where I got the title image - thanks Mort) and I poked, "He never did find the real killer" as he claimed he'd do, and then I added on "I guess he never had a mirror". 

Comedy never waned when it came to an OJ reference.  SNL did a skit not that long ago that was well done - though Gal Gadot is all about the cue cards.


And Family Guy has tons of things OJ related. I found this one the funniest. Really this should start at the 2:08 mark, should it not, just move the bar to get you there.  

The internet is a little abuzz about it all. Not as much as I thought it would, but then I don't have X or Threads or anything. 

Some of them blah, one or two were good.  Like this one. 

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Anonymous said...

I also blame him for killing daytime soaps. All three networks aired the trial every day for weeks or was it longer? By the time the soaps came back so many of us had finally detoxed from them and never went back. I know there were other factors but his trail started it.

GregM said...

One of my favs from Twitter (never X):

Dear God, I said take the Orange Douche, not the Orange Juice.

Travel said...

Greg's comment brought the first laugh of the day. Thank You! We needed that. The prosecution screwed that trial up so bad, over trying a circumstantial case, I was not surprised by the verdict. I was working in a department store when the verdict was read, the store came to a halt and it was played over the PA system in the store.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Couldn’t he have taken a Kardashian with him

Ur-spo said...

I recently heard his trial set the scene for reality TV and other foul matters
It didn't take long for the internet to say he confessed on his death bed.