Monday, April 15, 2024

My Music Monday

I bought Mumford & Sons' debut album back in 2011 (!!!!).  I wasn't wow'd with it and I'm assuming they came out with new stuff since. 

I do know they kicked one of their members out one of their members quit after a controversy of endorsing some right-wing bullshit conspiracy book.  I know their lead singer married Carey Mulligan. And from some interview when she asked Bradley Cooper to name or sing any of her husband's music, he couldn't - so that was fun.

And while I do not foresee me purchasing any of their music going fowrward, I'm not hating their new song with Pharrell Williams. 

Again, save for his hit "Happy" and his work with that hyper-repetitive Daft Punk song, "Get Lucky" and the plagiaristic Robin Thicke song (for which Pharrell had to pay millions on) I couldn't tell you a thing he's done. 

That said - knowing that Mumford & Co had been fairly locked-in artistically-wise, I have to believe Pharrell is the one who brought them something newer sounding with their new song "Good People". 

While I won't purchase it, I also don't turn it off when it comes on the radio. 

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Morty said...

Marcus Mumford sings the Ted Lasso theme.