Sunday, April 07, 2024


The knee. 

Still with the knee. It's becoming tiresome. 

The cortisone did some of the trick, as did the draining. Still the patella continues to be problematic. And no shot is gonna help that. 

I saw my chiropractor a few days back. It went well-ish. There was pulling, stretching, manipulating and acupuncture. 

And two massive back cracks. 

It helped for a bit. But my long run yesterday was four miles short. Honestly, it wasn't th knee (except for the hills) as it was my legs felt like lead. 

Oh, I also got taped you can see. And additional tape to redo it when it comes off. 

And honestly, the biggest pain of the entire session is yet to come. That adhesive is stuck to a fuck of a lot of hair. That's gonna hurt.

It seems there is fluid building back up on the knee. Not tons, but I might need it re-drained at some point. Until then, I have at least two more appointments with the chiropractor. 

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Travel said...

Running sucks sometimes.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Are you headed for a knee replacement , partially self inflicted. I’m certainly not an expert and I certainly do wish you well, but maybe you should see an orthopedist about his recommendations on running. Or a sports medicine physician. Oh, and I do realize it’s none of my business!