Wednesday, April 03, 2024

Site of the Month

As you might be aware, we are five days away from a full solar eclipse. 

Depending where you are, you'll see something, or maybe it all.  

Cleveland is in the path of Totality: 
95-100% of the eclipse - you know, assuming it's not cloudy or rainy. But it's Spring in Ohio, so who the fuck knows. 

Schools are off for this. Businesses are shuttering for the afternoon event. The world might easily end before the 2033 one, depending on the 2024 election. 

We haven't truly picked out our viewing station yet. The easiest is the football field at the end of our street which is pretty open. And while you think 'light pollution' is only at night, it's not. Cleveland has steel plants and manufacturing that could dull the sky / light close to the city. 

There is a space out closer to where I grew up that is proving to be ideal, so that's on the short list. 

We already have our glasses!

But there is other stuff to know - like the possibility of seeing a comet at the height of Totality.  SWEET!

I found the below video fascinating from Secrets of the Universe.

I could have done this post closer to the time, but it is five days. If you're getting ready, there are things to know here. Or at least wow at. 


Old Lurker said...

I am still jealous.

Is CB coming to visit?

Blobby said...

He wants to be in the path. We discussed, but it's a risky trip. 66% of all recorded days has April 8th as cloudy / rainy here.