Monday, April 22, 2024

My Music Monday

I gotta give it to my oldest nephew. Eons ago, maybe before he was even in college (he's 30 now), he attempted to turn me on to the music of Hozier. He ever burned me a cd.  Yes, if you date time by technology, it was a while ago. 

At the time it didn't speak to me and I let it be. But lo and behold, 15 years (or so) later, Hozier had an album that did ok on the alternative music scene. I could look up the tune I liked, but that seems like work. I liked the music and the melody - and to sound like an old fuddy-duddy, I couldn't understand a word he sang on that song. I liked it nonetheless. 

It took that song for me to realize Hozier is a dude and not a band. 

Hozier has a new song out - "Two Sweet" - about a month old. It's melodic and extremely catchy, especially the chorus. 

He mentions whiskey, which I don't drink. Maybe it's good, but I cannot get past the smell. Ditto for bourbon or scotch. Maybe now that I'm an old man, I should give it another shot.  .......though if I were in AA, I'd be earning my 90 day chip next week. 

I also don't drink coffee. 

I still like the song. 

Now that he has some popularity, I'm guessing my nephew no longer likes Hozier. 

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Ur-spo said...

I like putting these on as background as I read the blogs.