Friday, April 05, 2024


I've decided I want to win the $1.23 BILLION Powerball this Saturday. 

If someone can make that happen for me, I'd appreciate it. Maybe even democracy will thank you for it. 

Sure, I'll buy a few nice things for myself and Shep, and sure, I'd pay off every child's lunch debt in the U.S, and make sure all shelters have plenty of things for abandoned animals. 

But I'd be using a chunk to purchase billboards. Strategically placed billboards. 

Like the above (which is allegedly less than 5 miles from Mar-a-Largo and Ivana Trump Resting Place), I'd be trolling the fuck out of BLOTUS. Every city he visited. Every rally he held. And on the routes he'd be, as well as his "followers". 

They say many lotto winners usually go broke due to financial mismanagement, and I'd be no exception, except that I'm in the later part of my life and $1.23 billion goes a long way. They say you can't take it with you. So, while I'd use my winnings for good, I'd use an equal amount to make some people miserable. 

The "man" is so thin skinned it wouldn't take much more than the one above to stick in his craw, and it's not like he could pay to take over the space. 

His bond was lowered from $540 million to $145 million - and he still had to have someone else post it. With his self-reported 8 billion dollars, he doesn't even have a fraction of that. He couldn't take over some anti-BLOTUS rhetoric. 

Some people have alread done some of the legwork, so I can piggyback off of that. 

I just need that winning ticket. 

Song by: Five Man Electrical Band


Travel said...

I hope you win. (Win bigly I think it would say.)

Old Lurker said...

Spoiling Shep? Is that such a good idea?

Honestly I don't know what you could say to Trump that would hurt his feelings. Whenever somebody criticizes him to his face he just gets selective hearing. I don't know whether he even reads (billboards). But even if you win a billion dollars I am not so sure that antagonizing the next president of the United States is a winning move.

rebecca said...

I only need $1.5m of your winnings

Blobby said...

Becky - you'd just waste it all on Teen BEat magazines and rock candy!

James Dwight Williamson said...

I’ll kick in!

rebecca said...

You know me too well

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. Let us know when you win.