Saturday, April 06, 2024

Hold Me

No intro. Not really.  Dogs and Cats.  It's why you come here.

Neighbors always decorate for most holidays. 

Trying to wedge himself in that nook under the drawer.  Weirdo. 

I asked who the pretty shepherd in the back of the room was, and they said "Kona". 
When they said her name, she ran to me and promptly got pets!

Our little Kitler. 

This is how we spend our non-bitey time. 

Daycare Star!

710 can hold Simon and get purrs. He tries to burrow it seems. 
I try to hold Simon and I have a struggling cat with claws. It's hard being me. 

Song by: Fleetwood Mac


Old Lurker said...

Dogs and cats? I thought we came here for posts about running.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Forsythia and Pets , it must be spring. I love Kona and Kitler and Shep

Travel said...

THey say dogs are good judges of character, what about cats?

Bob said...

Simon is an adorable weirdo though.