Thursday, April 11, 2024


Sometimes I get to submit movie reviews here just to warn you all to stay away. From the movie that is, not the blog. 

I watch them, so you don't have to.

On a whim, we watched Scoop - a semi-recent tale of probable semi-truths of a BBC show called Newsnight snagging an interview with Prince Andrew regarding his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein and his probable "relations" with underaged females that Mr. Epstein and his pimp girlfriend acquired. 

BTW - "relations" is code for "rape", as the girls were minors, it is actually rape. 

I don't care one way or another about the royal family. We haven't even bothered with the last two seasons of the Crown. The first two, we weren't born yet, so it was of interest. The second two - well, Olivia Colman. While I like Delores Umbridge as sovereign (I assume, as I haven't actually seen her in the role), the idea of Diana / Charles / Fergie / Randy Andy and Camilla bore me. 

Scoop bored me. 

The draw to the Netflix movie was Gillian Anderson - plain and simple. And she's lost in this. She's fine and all, but hasn't quite given up her Margaret Thatcher accent fully since the Crown. Her role quite wasted. 

The protagonist, if you will, is the woman who secured the interview for Newsnight. Billie Piper is the actress' name, I searched her IMDB, but haven't seen her in anything. Those who watch Doctor Who might. Perhaps she has the character down, but it's distracting. Looks. Mannerisms, Speech. 

It's another reason to watch a movie with closed caption. You shouldn't have to work so hard with some English accents, but ya do here. 

Perhaps because we know the story, there is zero intrigue here. The interview ultimately got Andrew his titles stripped away from him. Well, the rapes did. The interview sealed it. 

Assuming it's true, Andrew bringing one of his daughters into the negotiations was just creepy. While clearly she has internet access and two ears, to hear people discuss her father in front of her while taking notes is unsettling.  The filmmakers didn't quite make it a point, that is my own take. 

There are no awards coming this way for anyone associated with this.

I've saved you one hour and forty-two minutes.   

You're welcome. 

2024 Movie Count / Goal: 06 of 15

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Travel said...

Randy Andy, who cares. Thanks for the review.

Old Lurker said...

Oh how you suffer for the sake of your blog readers.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Well thanks!