Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Crash and Burn

I know the BLOTUS trial started today, but that's all I know, so far. You know me, I'm avoiding it........unless it's an unmitigated disaster for him. Then I'll be all over it .

Honestly, I did think he'd dump his counsel over the weekend so force a delay in trial. So, I was wrong on that, though a friend later told me that the judge had already warned him against such an action. 

But you know, it's not like he doesn't ignore judges all the time. 

You can see from the image that Truth Social Media looks to be $32.68 a share, down from $66.52 it has been upon going public.

That was over the weekend. It's down farther to $26.62, making BLOTUS lose another $540M!

Last Friday, on NPR's Marketplace, some BLOTUS follower said he put his entire life savings into this venture. He's lost more than half of his investment and still thinks he'll make a profit. 

There is literally no helping these people see the light of day. BLOTUS could kill their only child and they'd be like "I'm sure he had his reasons". 

Allegedly, the company has said it has doubts about it's ability to keep operating. 

WHAT????  Another BLOTUS venture go belly-up???  That's unpossible. 

The company statement made me LOL:

President Donald J. Trump BLOTUS is the subject of numerous legal proceedings. An adverse outcome in one or more of the ongoing legal proceedings could negatively impact TMTG,” the company noted. “If President Donald J. Trump BLOTUS were to cease to be able to devote substantial time to Truth Social, TMTG’s business would be adversely affected.”

I think they just dinged the judge on the gag order, as well as saying that Truth Social is worth nothing without BLOTUS........since he is the only one who actually uses it. And the "man" is in his late 70s. It's not like he's going to be around for the long haul - ongoing legal proceedings or not. 

Actually, I'm surprised they acknowledged anything legal related. 

I hope the lot of his followers / investors go broke. How will they pay for their shoes and bibles? He'll still get a free pass, but it's nice someone is gonna lose. 

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Raybeard said...

Wish I could turn off my addiction to American politics (if it can be so called) as seemingly easily as you when you need to, though I can well imagine how someone living there can have had it 'up to here - and more'. But I'm hopelessly drawn in, like to a (very) black hole.

Btw: Love that comment under graph at top. Ooh, if he saw it it'd hurt. (Good!).

Travel said...

I want to know how someone set the value at billions, on a company that had revenue of $4-million and spent $56-million last year? It reads like a massive fraud.