Saturday, June 30, 2012

Italian Plastic

Last night was just a dinner out with 710 and our friends and neighbors Tom & Sal.

They are fun to be around and it's nice to have such great neighbors.

The plan was to go to a place where we could eat outside, but the heat forced us to find a place we could sit inside.  The joke is, by the time we got there, a slight storm moved through and the temperatures dropped enough to make it comfortable. But by then, we had selected and had arrived.

We ended up going to Geraci's. A place that has good pizza and pretty good pasta dishes. The wait is long, but we hoped due to the heat and impending storm people wouldn't show up. No such luck. Our 20 minute wait was 40. Alcohol helped.  It usually does.

You might know the name, as they are the family of Sonny Geraci, who had the pop hits, "Time Won't Let Me" (with the Outsiders) and "Precious and Few" (with Climax).  ....and well, that's about it.

Still, Sonny grew up in the area and his family is still running this money laundering endeavor.

They only accept checks and cash. You just know this isn't all being reported to the IRS.

But the conversation was better than the food, and definitely better than the possibly drunk waitress. That makes a night out better than most things.

...and it was Petey's first evening alone at home. Well, Sophie was here, but I'm not sure they interacted. Petey was dead to the world when we got back.  I had to wake him to take him out for a late evening pee. He wanted to hunt, but it was dark and I was tired.

Well, it's bed time and I might have had a few beers.  I suppose I could have wrote this in the morning, but I was on a roll.  A boring one, but a roll nonetheless.

Song by: Crowded House


Anonymous said...

Greg and I remember Geraci's fondly. We lived directly behind them for six years!

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