Monday, June 25, 2012

My Music Monday

I think one of the reasons I have not yet featured Crowded House in a My Music Monday segment is that it was (and is) too difficult to pick just one selection.

Their first four disks are, while not completely flawless, rank up there with some of the best in consistency in playing, production and writing.

Neil Finn, arguably, has been a great songwriter since his time in Split Enz back in the late '70s.  That group included his brother (who would sit in on the third Crowded House disk Woodface) and eventually Paul Hester, who would be Crowded House's drummer until his suicide years after the release of Together Alone, where I pulled today's selection, "Private Universe".

I'll go slightly out on a limb here and assume many who read my blog are aware of three Crowded House songs - "Don't Dream it's Over", "Something So Strong" and "Better Be Home Soon".

Those barely scratch the surface of Finn's brilliance in writing (though I'm quite tired of "Don't Dream it''s Over".

I don't know why, but at the end of the movie, The Sum of Us, in the pull away shot of Sydney, I kind of tear-up when "Better Be Home" starts.

While I can't claim Hester was the ultimate drummer, the group never recouped after his death. A reformed version released two disks since, the first is decent, the second is not. Still with their first four disks, you care barely go wrong.

Yeah, it was hard to pick one song, but that's all you get. Lot of them are out on YouTube, so go explore.  Have fun.

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Anonymous said...

Together Alone was 1993 and Paul died in 2005. 12 years,not 2