Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dimming of the Day

On Sunday, I got a great invite from my cousin David to go for Dim Sum.

...so off to Bo Loong it was.

There are probably other places to get dim sum in Cleveburgh, but I don't know of them.  It is not a meal I go out for a lot, so my exposure is limited to begin with.

As a rule, we opted to skip the chicken feet.  I'll assume my readership, as a collective, are ok with this.

We went alone, no spouses, and we went on possibly the hottest day of the year. I mean, when it's 93 out, who doesn't want carts of steamed food to be brought to your table side?

I'd have to check with David, but I'm thinking 90% of everything we selected was shrimp-based.

While the food was good, it is the company I go for.  As annoying as we can be alone, or together (yes David, it's true!  it's true!) we are great fun to be around - not that anyone was with us to validate or experience this.

If I say so, I think our conversation was fairly low-key. It has been brought to our attention by spouses and other family members that we can be a bit much when we are together. I don't see it.  Perhaps our ADHD is in sync (bye bye bye!) and we know each other's line of thought, but others might not. I totally get that. It's been my problem all of my life - with or without David.

Still, we like an audience - and yes, I'm speaking for David. It's hereditary, I'm afraid. So next time there will be spouses or unsuspecting cousins. I mean, who else would have us?

I won't say the highlight of our outing was when I used the restroom, but it did give me time to get a shot of the stall wall.  It took me a few seconds, but it made me laugh.

Song by:  Alison Krauss + Union Station


anne marie in philly said...

this post really got me laughing. in sync - bwahahahaha!

Cubby said...

What? No Melanie Griffith jokes?

Blobby said...

Melanie Griffith isn't an Aryan! Oh....you mean from 'Working Girl'. Yes, I considered the reference and picture, but the Gooooogle images were lame and unless you REALLY knew the movie, you wouldn't have gotten what was going on from those shots.

Erik Rubright said...

An *NSYNC reference? Really? Really?