Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Blobby has fallen off the yoga bandwagon - and quite a while ago, I might add.

It is not that I stopped liking yoga - I still do some of the poses and stretching after I complete my normal work out, just not in a group setting - but with me working and having more of my clients in the west, my schedule has not meshed with the noon or evening yoga classes at my gym.

Truth be told, there are some 06:00 classes but I don't see myself feeling the need to do Chair Pose at that time of the morning. I'd rather lift heavy weights above my head.

However, I was chatting with my cousin David, and his gym isn't offering yoga during the summer - though I can't imagine why, other than the yogini has something better to do with her summer months. So he's been going to lululemon on Sundays for a free session.

Of course, my ears pricked up at the word "free".

I suppose the "catch" is that it's at lululemon. It seemed like a girly store and you hear things about their cult-like attachment to their horrendously expensive clothes.

A few months ago I was speaking to another David, the husband of another one of our cousins, and he was going back and forth on how outrageous the cost was, but that they were really really well made. Spoken like a true cult member - always towing the line.

I mean, I don't think it's a Jim Jones or the Hale-Bopp cult kind of thing, just lots of cougar-ish women showing off their bods in form fitting workout clothes.

The plan was to meet David, the cousin, not the cousin-in-law one, last Sunday, but a fender-bender kept him from showing. Personally, it's just his way of saying, I really don't want to see your chaturanga..........and who can blame him?

Per David's instructions, I got there early as it gets crowded. First off, I didn't expect them to hold class in the middle of the retail space. I assumed there was a practice space in the back. There was not..........

 ......so I strategically picked my place two-thirds of the way back and to the side. 

Those are my little piggies as we waited for class to start. I was just stretching out and watching the 38 women or so arrive - and the two other guys. That ratio was even low for any class I've been in. 

I have to say, I somewhat enjoyed the class, but I forgot how much work it is. This was not the short bus beginners yoga class I was used to, but full-on flow where you never ever stop.  I was dripping in a disgusting way.  In a way that three quarter of the way through made it almost impossible to hold a pose because my hands and / or feet would slip.  There has to be a solution to that, right?

Honestly, I don't know how anyone makes it through a Hot Yoga class.

I forgot how non-symmetrical my body is. What I could "easily" do on one side, I could barely attempt on the other. It sounds odd, unless you've tried a class, as you really might not take stock of your body that way.

So I might never get back to where I was, or go as often as I used to do it, but maybe David and I can do this together and see how it goes. Having someone push me a little bit and then mock me later for it isn't such a bad thing - is it?  That's kind of how I've based all my friendship / relationships throughout my life.

Oh - and while I could afford a shirt or shorts from there, they are pricey. But I did pick up a pair of cool athletic workout briefs.  Maybe, if you're good..........and I work out more (a lot more).........I'll show them off.  That is how cool they are.

Like Medusa says, "ya gotta throw something in for the fans!"

Song by:  Rufus Wainwright


Anonymous said...

hmmm...downward facing dog.

rebecca said...

Honey it's called a "chimichanga".
I love yogaglo.com - tons of videos from all traditions, easily sorted by level, duration, style, etc. it costs something like $20/month but you get a free trial. I figure that's the cost of 2 classes and I've been doing a couple a week. Sure you don't get to see strangers ass cracks. But there's other ways of squeezing that in!

Brettcajun said...

The thought of doing yoga with a bunch of chicks would discourage me. I didn't take you for the yoga type... (coordination, following directions, etc.)

Erik Rubright said...

Are you toe wrestling yourself?

I like yoga. Or at least I used to back when I was an LMT. But I have a difficult time being "serious" and tend to giggle to much. It's just how I am. I lacka da discipline.

Ur-spo said...

I miss yoga; I used to do it regularly; it is one of those 'should' statements I have I never seem to do.