Friday, June 15, 2012

Killing Time

I had another post partially completed, but it needed more time and attention - more than I have or can spare. Maybe it will finally be finished, maybe I'll end up scrapping it.

Such is the life of a pseudo-writer. Self-edit.

Anyways, I'm here in the OC.  The airport actually. Have to transfer in San Fran to catch the red-eye home.

But I'm killing time in the airport - waiting for a flight. What else was I going to do? Sight-see? Hardly.  It's the OC.

And oddly, I'm having one of the better meals I have had on a work trip, at least as of late. The night before it was iffy room service because I was lazy. Last the night, I stumbled upon a part of the concourse I've never seen - I have never had any need to go that far down.  The place was pricey - for an airport eatery.

It had a frickin' hostess.  But I didn't want CPK or McD. Granted it was only a steak salad, but it beats a Big Mac.  See?

Yeah, maybe I should have thought more about finishing that original blog post, eh?   Well folks, you get what you pay for.......just remember that.

I have to knock this out before my plane takes off.  As it is, it will publish before wheels are down.

Song by:  Clint Black


Erik Rubright said...

That's a decently inquisitive looking picture of you, BTW.

Greg said...

You could always look for the statue of John Wayne hidden somewhere around the airport....

Blobby said...

Oh, the pic of me and John is my current FB image. Has been since my last trip a month ago.

Ur-spo said...

anything beats a big mac, nutrition wise. However,
I prefer a big mac to most food I ought to eat