Saturday, June 02, 2012

Wash My Hands

I have not posted pics of the new bathroom yet, have I?  The dressing room and refurbished bedroom, yes, but I've been lax in putting before, during and after images - no.

This will be the last of my reno pics.  Like the other rooms, we still have not selected window treatments.

Before: What I called the Linda Evans bathroom.  Globe lights, dark green marble floors, counters and yes - shower walls. ...oh and the gold packaging. 

During: Floor, gold shit and  marble walls are gone. Oh, tub and single sink too - and we uncovered a window they had closed over. 

After: Mirrors. Lights. Artwork. Oh, and the countertop and fixtures. And actually a different wall colour than the during. Yes, we had to have it redone. 

Before:  Nothing spectacular  a toilet and old medicine cabinet.

 During: new floor, new wall, new medicine cabinet.  No crapper. 

After:  new paint, floor, pooper, window casing and radiator.

Before: Beyond that wall and end of tub was a small closet.  That went bye-bye and we could expand the bathroom size and uncover that window mentioned earlier. 

I don't seem to have any During pics. Solly.

After: the end of the counter is about where the end of the tub above was.  The door in the pic above was moved as well. It was about three feet to the right of where it is in the finished room.

Before:  that little closest we took out and the original door to the bathroom. 

 During I: the shower frame and you can still see the original door opening before they walled it off. 

 During II: wall up, tile in - no fixtures, no glass. 

After:  the completed shower.  I should have turned off the lights over the sink, as they are reflected here, but oh well.  I'm too lazy to retake the shots. 

Of all the things in the bathroom, besides the radiant heat in the floor, I LOVE the shower. It was actually supposed to be 8" larger, but with the new walls it wouldn't fit. I'm glad it turned out smaller because it's still large.

So that is it. The last pics of our upstairs renovation project.

Song by:  Meredith Brooks


Cubby said...

"It was actually supposed to be 8" larger..." That's what *he* said!

It's fantastic, Blobby. The shower looks big enough for both you and 710. Greg and I used to LOVE showering together in the huge shower we had in our Florida home, but haven't been able to do that since moving to Ohio. All we have now is a standard tub/shower combo.

Anonymous said...

You're not supposed to wear clothes when you do your "Guys w/phones" pic. And you should be focused on you and not the room. John Bromstad would be very pleased.

Brettcajun said...

While I appreciate and LOVE the modern new look of your redo, I have teary eyes for removing the Linda Evans globe bulbs. That... was your window into being... A STAR! You can no longer pretend you are her in your own Hollywood dressing room. :'(

x said...

Awesome job - how old is the house?

Birdie said...

That is just gorgeous. I LOVE the shower, although I think glass is a lot of work to keep clean.

When we redid our tiny bathrooms, we couldn't find space for towel rods, other than in the shower itself. I don't see any rods at all in your new space. Where do you dry them out? I need ideas.

Unknown said...

Looks Great!

wcs said...

Gorgeous. That is all.

Erik Rubright said...

It looks... mahvelous!

Ur-spo said...

I too find the improvements marvelous!

don said...

I can't wait to move in!

cb said...

For one horrible second I thought the first pic was the completed reno-- and all I was thinking was "be nice... Be nice, damnit!"