Friday, June 22, 2012

I (Who Have Nothing)

Maybe it's the heat.  Maybe it's the spotlight of the Sandusky trial. Of course, it might be the trauma of writing about the stealth vagina.

That can take it out of anyone.

But really I have nothing to write about. At least of interest. As I've said before, it can be argued I never have, but at least you've amused me over the years.

Today is filled with mundane things such as doing stuff like work, so they pay me. I also have my semi-annual teeth cleaning and then it is off to visit the in-laws.

Maybe 3.5 years of a post-a-day is getting to me - they can't all be winners. Or possibly any of them. But then I fear that slippery slope and before you know it I haven't written a thing in three months like a certain blogger I know but I won't name. He knows who he is. ....and I know who he is.

If I have nothing tomorrow, you might just get pictures of me at the dentist. You better hope for something big in the news to come along.

Song by: Shirley Bassey


Cubby said...

Ewww, that's gross!

(Sorry, I feel the need to comment on yesterday's post again).

BosGuy said...

Watch some porn... I find I'm always a bit more -ahem- relaxed after and can find more inspiration :-)

Mike said...

I don't know who you could possibly be speaking of. A blogger who fell off the wagon? How tacky...