Monday, June 11, 2012

My Music Monday

I'm not a big fan of Jack Johnson.

I can qualify that statement even more - I like one of his songs.  One.

Well, there might be others out there that I have not heard, but of the ones I have, I can count on one finger that of which I like.

The surfer turned surfer-musician, living off the island thing, didn't resonate with me. That persona is always seemingly two degrees away from a character at Ridgemont High.   And while handsome-ish, to me it seems he has a mild form of Acromegaly (which you have to believe Michael Phelps has too).  It kind of creeps me out.   ....but I digress.....

Even with this week's selection, Johnson's "Flake", the song isn't the fuller, fleshed out version that is on his debut, Brushfire Fairytales disk.

Stumbling upon him singing the stripped down version of "Flake", for a a while, it was the only one I had known. When I "was shared" the song via Napster in 2001 or so, I luckily got that version than the more fleshed out take which graces his disk. While the album version isn't what one would call a full-out performance, the bass and drums distracts from the actual song.

So yes, I like one Jack Johnson song - and really only one version of a singular song. Now you get to hear it.  Just Johnson and his guitar.


don said...

I can't stand Jack Johnson, he is just so bland.

Wonder Man said...

he puts me asleep