Friday, September 09, 2011


It seems I have this post more and more:  squat to write about.

Maybe this doing a blog entry a day is not working, though I will commit until year 3 ends.  Becky gave me a nice review to one of her friends while they ate brunch in Columbus.  It was in regards to that I write daily and usually not short posts.

That doesn't mean they have any good content.

But I have not much going on of interest that involves me.  I know, right?

I scour the papers - ok, the on-line ones - to find interesting stories to comment on, but there is little there to hold my attention, let alone to expound upon it for your amusement.

There's Obama.  I guess.

I'm totally disappointed in him.  I held out longer than most on his term, but I'm kind of done.  While I didn't see the speech yesterday, I was pissed he let Boehner dictate when he could talk.  And how does that work exactly?  Obama addresses Congress, not the House.  Last I checked John Boehner is not Speaker of the Congress.

If Obama had a backbone, he should have said, "I'm doing an address, I'll do it from the White House, if anyone in Congress wants to watch it, they can turn on the fucking TV to do it."

But no.  He caved.  As he has caved on so many thing, so many other times and has come so far to the middle, he's ones of the least conservative Republicans in DC, but a Republican nonetheless. 

Yeah, I don't doubt I'll vote for him, because Rick Perry scares the ever-loving shit out of me.  And when will someone bother to point out that governors of Texas have almost zero power and responsibility?  It is not governed like other states.

I hate to say it, Romney might be the least scary one of the GOP bunch.  I mean, Bachmann - are you kidding?

Yeah, so Obama might have my vote unless a good third party candidate comes in.  I'll wait to see. But it will be like me voting for Kerry because I hated Bush.  It's not that I wanted Kerry either.

And I'll say it, that tactic last night of the speech and announcing a potential terrorist threat was so fucking GWB league (get it?  Bush league??). 

So, I guess I have something to write about, but I'm not happy about it.  Not a bit. Not one little bit.

Song by:  Alex Chilton


Cubby said...

Greg shares your sentiment.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could muse on how perfectly symmetrical your face is when you give us that i go nothing but a hangover face.

Ur-spo said...

When I get into these writing slumps, I stop trying and rest for awhile, until the Muses drop a brick on me.

Theaterdog said...

Not a slump, when I read the line you would have had Obama deliver, I thought, GREAT post!
Made my day.
And that photo, is a cross between really cute and really scary :))

tornwordo said...

Sad about Obama. He seemed positively Republican to me when I watched his speech.