Sunday, September 04, 2011

Little Too Late

....I'm getting off to a late start this morning.  I swear it has nothing to do with the eight beers or so I had last night.  Honest.

As much fun as I'm having I am having in Columbus, there isn't anything significant to write about.

We are having a fun time just hanging out, yakking and watching football and a movie.  Yes, A movie.  One.  Over and over.  Ok, twice.

I absolutely have to write about the movie, but not yet. Not yet.  It was out of the world incredible, but not for acting, story, sets, score or costumes.  I know, you're completely intrigued by now, aren't you?

We really didn't do anything, which was fine.  It was hot hot hot in all of Ohio, like Africa hot.  So we stayed in the house with air conditioning.   Morty and I ventured out for food because we are food-driven.

We did watch football between the movie.  Of course, we watched the Ohio State game, but c'mon, it was against Akron, there wasn't really a chance of losing.  But on the way down to Columbus (ugh, two dozen cops at least),  I looked in the rearview mirror with my Woody hat and the glasses I had chosen to wear this weekend - and yikes - I was looking too Woody Hayes-ish.  I'd say, before my time, but perhaps not.  Not that looking like Woody was ever in my plan. 

Song by: Pat Benatar

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Ur-spo said...

OSU??? Nasty team, and Mr. Hayes was Wickedness Incarnate.