Thursday, September 01, 2011

September Song

My lord - how did it become September all of the sudden?  Where did the time go?  Where did the summer go?

Technically, I know summer does not end for another 20 days or so, know how it goes.

I can't say we didn't get in the summer vacation (by the hair of our chinny chin chin) so it wasn't a total loss.  Everything else seemed to be work and yard work.

I'm not complaining.  Twice, I got to see great, long-time friends, which is first since not living in the same town. We have a third and potential fourth rendezvous before the end of October.  Totally unprecedented.

August came and went without movie #8, so we'll have to double-up since I missed Buck , which should have been great, and Cowboys & Aliens, which got excessively tepid reviews. Vacation and work travel kind of got in the way of movie day. 

As it stands now, September might be my least frequent travel month of 2011.  The jury is still out, but I remain hopeful to stay closer to home and spend time with the family and do stuff with friends, maybe even take in two movies to catch up.

You may have guessed by now, that I have little to write about, and possibly that I went out and hoisted a few too many with two friends.   Yes, I might be at home more often this month.  I hope my liver can take it.


Song by:  Lindsey Buckingham


Cubby said...

Cowboys & Aliens is the most homoerotic movie to come out of a major Hollywood studio in years. I had a big erection for the full length of the film.


Daniel Craig totally owned me, and he'll own you too. It might me out on DVD this winter.

Birdie said...

You really must see "Buck." It will really move you through all the emotions, and it's real. Four stars.