Saturday, September 03, 2011

Drive South

Granted, it is only 2+ hours south, but hey, it is still south.

...and it might be more than 2+ hours.  Dammit if the invited trip down to see "the gang" isn't also THE Ohio State University's home opener.

So with the throngs of those guys heading down the same freeway for the game or just getting away for the long holiday weekend. 

It might be safe to say that Blobby won't be going this normal 75-80 mph down I-71. 

I do not think we have any true plans.  Food.  Alcohol. Blogging.  and probably more Alcohol.  ...and movie quotes. 

Unfortunately, I am going solo.  Denton is not joining me.  I wish he were, but he has a work thing, so we will be separated for a few days.  Bummer.

But I will totally have a nice time with these guys, and there will be writing, and perhaps video on the weekend.  Possibly a little something extra,  a project that Becca is working on.  I mean, I'd link her, but her blog is DOA!  Someone get the paddles........STAT.

Song by:  John Hiatt


Cubby said...

Be super careful. On the drive from Dayton to Cleveland last night we saw roughly three dozen state troopers pulling people over. That's about one every five minutes!

Anonymous said...

The way Akron played you could have played QB for OSU and they still would have won.

Unknown said...

Just seeing that map made me nostalgic.