Wednesday, September 28, 2011

So Long, So Wrong

It is with great regret that I have to inform you that one of my first blogroll participants has left the blogsophere.

Tornwordo, from Sticky Crows, has taken down his blog shingle.   He has not yet taken down his blog, but he has ceased posting.

I was lucky enough to get to share a few glasses of wine with him while I was up on Montreal about 18 months ago.    As I said back in that post,  he was high on my list of bloggers to meet.  I came to him via another blogger, RJ March, who was the first person I knew to delete his blog. Another loss.

Torn and I talked about our potential blog end-dates and he warned mentioned me this day was coming.  If I remember, he's hitting pretty close to his intended mark.  I was in denial, I heard him but opted not to believe him.  Silly me.

I don't think I'll give this up just yet.  It is not my plan.  But Torn knows and commented the other day on how hard it is to come up with things to write about.  Sure, I've made my own hell by attempting to write a post daily and some days there is just nothing to squawk about.

Some might say Torn took the easy way out, but in reality it was the smart way.  It's made me think of my ultimate demise.  No worries, not yet, not for a while.  At least I don't think. But that's the problem, I rarely think.

I'll miss his posts.  I hope I won't miss him. I hope he visits.  I hope now and again he sends a shot of Georgie.

....and Serge.  (I hope he doesn't mind I stole these pics from his ex-blog.)

Thanks Torn for your fun and witty posts.  You will be missed.

Song by:  Alison Krauss + Union Station


brian said...

It is a sad day.
Without Torn, Tony and you, my world shrinks.
Voices from around the world and ironically, the corner have been my reality test.
I still must try 'poutine' thanks to Torn.

tornwordo said...

Awww, a tribute for lil ole me? Such a nice gesture from you! RJ was such a good writer, wasn't he? I've been sad and guilty feeling all week, which really I hadn't anticipated. Still, I don't want to be like Andy Rooney, finding out that he was stopping his 60 minutes segment and I immediately thought, "It's about time."

anne marie in philly said...

I got to like torn's writing, and the sexay pix.

torn and idol eyes in the same week. the world just ain't the same.

Unknown said...

It's a turning point when people leave the internet like that. I do think though that it's good to know when and how you want to go.

cb said...

Hrm. I wonder if I had anything to do with THIS one too?

Ur-spo said...

I hope you never stop.

Birdie said...

Let me echo Spo's sentiment: please don't you stop.

I'm really going to miss Torn's storytelling. He made me feel like I was across the table from him, hearing about his day. And he always had great pictures. I hope someday he comes back, just here and there, to let us know how he's doing.