Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Sunday was our annual Block Party.

It is lots of food and wine with people standing around yakking, but in a good way.  People wanted to talk about our robbery, I didn't.

That we had decent weather was just a plus.

Well, it was warm.  There were are sprinkles (the rain kind) and some thunder, but nothing enough of either that squashed the party. So that was nice.

At the event, we have little things like an ice cream truck, a fire engine and a police car.  The firemen (none of them cute), showed basic fire safety, mostly to the kids.  The cops (none of them cute), just were there to just be diplomats to the neighborhood.  I didn't get ice cream, so I don't know if he was cute.

There is also the Euclid Beach Rocker Car.  It is an old ride that they retro-fitted into an actual "car".   The kids love it.  I rode in it a few years ago.  I think I'm good for life.

Of course, there was food.  Lots of food.  No real main courses, just sides and desserts, which I am totally fine with.

I was going to make toffee brownies, but opted not to fire up the oven, and there are always plenty of desserts.  I made hummus instead.

Hummus is easy to make, though I tweaked it for personal taste.

Five ingredients.  Ok seven.  I had already minced the garlic before I remembered to take the picture.  I'll tell you the seventh in a moment. 

All the ingredients lumped into the food processor.  The seventh item was hot sauce.  The red pepper flakes didn't cut it in the heat department.  Actually, neither did the hot sauce.  I needed more of each. I also needed to add some olive oil to think it out a bit - to make it a little more creamy. 

Oops, an eighth ingredient.  Parsley.  Mostly for a garnish.  But it did come straight from our little garden, so that was nice. 

The one dessert that I did want at the party was probably for the kids, but I am one overgrown child, so, I thought I was perfectly entitled to one of the last cupcakes, with sprinkles (the non-rain kind).

I got such grief about it from one of my neighbors since I carried it around for an hour, but not eating it. I was saving it.  Then the amusingly annoyed one walked back with me saying, and I quote:  "someone might rape you for that cupcake."    

If only!

So to be annoying myself, I snapped a pic of me eating it last night and emailed it to him, just because.

And I looked again, and am still not ugly enough to submit it to Dudes With Beards Eating Cupcakes.

Song by:  Goldfrapp


AJohnP said...

That picture totally made my week!
ROR (still funny)

Cubby said...

The hummus is a great idea for events like that. Three times now in the last two months I went to potlucks and ended up taking store-bought killer brownies instead of making something homemade. I have to keep hummus in mind for future events.

Blobby said...

Made your week??? It's frickin' Tuesday!