Thursday, September 08, 2011

Saved by Zero

I have mentioned before that way back in 7th grade I saw the double bill of Young Frankenstein and Frankenstein - in that order - with my oldest sister.

It made the latter movie unintentionally hilarious.  Well, I'm guessing to the people who put on the films - in that order - it was not so unintentional.  They probably knew they had a good thing going, for the people who go it,  and I'm guessing some of the people who showed up did not get it.  Even at that age, I knew where they were coming from.

So what do four fortysomethings and one fiftysomething do on a hot football Saturday, in Columbus, Ohio?  Why - we stay in and watch movies on TMC.

Technically, we watched a movie from Morty's DVR, but he had saved it from TMC, thanks to a co-worker of his.

Becky wanted me to watch it, and as soon as Zero Hour started, in black & white, I go "I'm out".

Ugh, a Canadian b&w war movie.  ...and a horribly named one at that.  I mean, a Canadian war movie?  Did they have big Canadian wars??  Do they even have a Canadian air force?

Yet Becca kept urging me to pay attention to the movie and not my iPhone. She would not let up and kept starting the movie over until I paid attention - and then I heard the words 'Ted Stryker" and my ears pricked up.

I think it was two minutes in before I was completely hooked.   ....and it is not that the movie was particularly good.  The only thing I had seen Dana Andrews "star" in was Forbidden Planet.

Yes, we totally MST3K'd this movie, and normally, we as a group, do that with all movies.  But it was clear someone else had too.

None of you will heed my "warning", but I BEG of you not to IMDB or Gooooogle search anything on the movie.  Just do me a favour.  Pretty please?  It's rare in this day and age of the internets that you get such an unexpected treat.

Go out and rent or Netflix Airplane! (yes, Airplane!) and Zero Hour.  And then watch them back to back.  In that order.   I promise you will not be disappointed.

It is just my little present to you. 

Song by:  the Fixx


don said...

There are a lot of great Canadian movies. However you would not know that since most of them have to be disguised as taking place in America so that Americans will watch them.

rebecca said...

She would what? SHE WOULD WHAT??!!

Ur-spo said...

I used to love watching Science Mystery 3K. You brought back some fun memories when you mentioned it.
Are you "Crow" or "Gypsy" ?

Erik Rubright said...

Well crud, "Zero Hour!" isn't available for instant streaming. I guess I should have checked that before I watched "Airplane!". Now I have to wait for the DVD.